Payout for girl given brain injury at birth

A young girl has won a clinical negligence case against her Hospital after she sustained brain damage as a baby. Medical staff took a blood sample shortly after her premature birth and a court has agreed that this procedure caused a subdural haematoma in her brain. As a result her Hospital has agreed to pay damages to the seven-year-old girl.The blood sample , taken from the crown of her head, is thought to have not been administered properly causing a bleed on the brain which eventually led to the young girl suffering from cerebral palsy along with speech and mobility difficulties. Her breathing also needs to be closely monitored.

A spokesperson for the City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust said her care “was not what it should have been”.

“We acknowledge that no amount of money can compensate adequately for what has happened,” she said.

The young girl’s father commented that the family “waited seven years for the hospital to admit they made a mistake”.

“The damages will make a massive difference to Sophie’s life but we would live in a tent if we could see Sophie running around with her friends and able to call our names when she needs something,” .

Mistakes like these are thankfully very rare but when they do happen they have devastating consequences for the patient and the family as a whole.  Compensation is essential in order to provide the lifetime care for the victim which may include household modifications, round the clock medical care and rehabilitation.

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