Brain Injuries

According to Headway, a charity which supports individuals suffering from a brain injury, someone is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury every 90 seconds.

Head injuries are the main causes of brain injury and can occur any time a head comes into contact with a hard object or surface with such a force that it is either bruised or bleeds.

Common causes of head injuries are often road traffic accidents which also include cycle, motorcycle and pedestrian collisions.  Head injuries also occur in workplace accidents as a result of poor Health and Safety practices particularly in the manufacturing industry and building trades where employees work from heights or with dangerous machinery.

Headway estimates that over 1 million people in the UK are living with the long term effects of a brain injury which include:
•    Behaviour and personality changes – Depression, anger, impulsiveness, anxiety etc.
•    Cognitive – Poor concentration, memory loss, low tolerance for stressful environments, loss of initiative and insight.
•    Physical – Paralysis, epilepsy, loss of speech, sight, smell and taste, tiredness, muscle rigidity, loss of co-ordination etc.

What to do if you’ve had a head injury or you know someone who has:

The severity of brain injuries can vary from a serious brain trauma, which results in coma and life changing consequences to ‘milder’ but still life altering changes to behaviour, concentration and mood which don’t always present straight away.

Initially, after recovering from an accident you or your loved one may feel fine or appear ‘back to normal’ but any injury to the brain may reveal its effects over time.

Record as much information about the accident as you can including specific details, so note down information such as where and when the accident happened, police and witness statements and any medical records or doctors referrals you have.  Note down any physical, behaviour and cognitive changes that you or your friends and family have noticed post-accident.

How we can help you claim compensation

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