Work Accident Compensation

Have you recently fallen victim to a work accident and don’t feel that it was your fault? We realise that the prospect of taking legal action against the company you work for can be daunting, but with the professional and helpful care of Thorneycroft Solicitors, they can help you claim work accident compensation for any costs you may have incurred as a result of your accident in a professional and understanding manner.

For many years Thorneycroft’s have helped employees all over the country from Cheshire to London claim work accident compensation and now their valuable experience forms an integral part of their sought-after service.

Work Accident Statistics

No matter where you were there are dangers that can leave you with serious personal injuries, however it comes as no surprise that the most dangerous sectors to work in  include agriculture, construction and manufacturing where machinery and heavy items are regularly used.

This does not mean to say that work accidents don’t occur in other sectors. Over the years Thorneycroft’s have helped clients who work in offices, restaurants and garages claim work accident compensation.

Specialists from the Health and Safety Executive revealed that as many as 555,000 workers had a work accident between 2017/18, 420,000 of which led to over 3 days of absence from work, and 135,000 over 7 days.

The main cause of the work accident was either because of a collision with a vehicle, being hit by a falling object, or falling from a height – all of which can earn compensation if the accident was not your fault.

A total of 144 workers were also fatally injured between 2017 and 2018.

Work Accident Examples

Listed below are some examples of injuries that have been sustained in a work environment. All of them went on to claim work accident compensation successfully:

  • Fractured fingers.
  • Back injuries.
  • Serious foot injuries.
  • Frozen joints.
  • Cartilage injuries.

To help you decide whether or not the type of accident you had could lead to a successful compensation claim, here are some types of accidents that have occurred in a work place, and gone on to be successful cases:

  • Employee tripped over a cable.
  • Employee was involved in a road accident whilst delivering goods.
  • Employee slipped and no warning signs were placed.

Does your case qualify?

Anything from brain injury to spinal injuries, burns, dermatitis, whiplash, lacerations or even work related stress/anxiety are worthy of a compensation claim, so whatever it is that happened to you, it is worth checking if you have a case.

What clients say about Thorneycroft Solicitors

“Throughout the claim I was kept fully informed. I was able to make contact easily. At the beginning of my claim due to my injury, travel was restricted. This was taken into consideration and meetings were planned to suit my needs.”
Ms D

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