Police car and Royal Mail van collide in road traffic accident

A main road was closed for six hours to allow vehicles to be recovered and for crash investigators to assess a crash site, after a Police vehicle and a Postal van were involved in a road traffic accident. The accident happened in the very early hours of the morning at approximately 3.30 am.

The circumstances leading up to the collision are not yet known but the postal van collided with a nearby building after hitting the police car.

The driver of the Royal Mail van was shaken but not badly injured however both occupants of the Police car where taken to hospital where their condition has been described as stable and not life threatening.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a Royal Mail vehicle was involved in a road traffic accident this morning at 3.40am near the junction with Clare Road and Penarth Road, Cardiff.

“The male driver was shaken up, but thankfully not seriously injured.”

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