Postman Gets £11,000 in Compensation after Falling out of Van

A British postman has won £11,000 in compensation after he fell out of the back of a delivery van in a work accident.

The 49-year-old received the compensation payout after taking legal action when he fell over an edging strip which had come loose in the van.

A spokesperson from the workers legal team explained that the man fell “with such force that onlookers thought he had been knocked over by a passing car.”

The postal worker told press in a statement that, “It all happened so quickly. One minute I was in the van, the next I was flying through the air. Somehow I managed to twist my body before I hit the ground and my shoulder took the full impact – otherwise it would have been my head.”

He was required to take time off from Parcelforce, as his job requires the lifting of heavy parcels and goods.

The original course of physiotherapy and injections proved unsuccessful for the workers injuries and he had to go through two operations in order to get back to normal.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said: “Safety of our employees is paramount, any such incident is upsetting to the person it happens to.”

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