Postman wins thousands in compensation for “slippery” boots

A postman from Hampshire has been awarded thousands of pounds in compensation because his work boots provided to him by the Royal Mail were “slippery”.

The man, who is from Fareham, was out completing one of his rounds in rainy conditions when he slipped over and fractured his ankle on a metal manhole cover.

The 65-year-old was using boots which had been issued to him by his employer in 2007.

However a local law firm said they have been bombarded with calls from postal workers since the boots were introduced.

The postal worker has now won a five-year legal battle which helps pave the way for around 15 other workers.

“I remember that day very clearly. It was one of those drizzly mornings that we get so often here in the country,” the accident victim explained.

“As soon as I walked on a manhole cover I fell over and knew straight away something was wrong. A few weeks earlier I had a similar incident but figured it was probably just me. This time I was certain that something was wrong with the boots.”

“With these boots on I might as well have been walking on oil,” he added.

The worker has now been handed £3,600 in compensation and its thought that many others will now receive money for similar incidents.

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