Pothole leaves cyclist hospitalised

Potholes, caused by cold weather and poorly maintained roads, continue to be the scourge of cyclists who can be seriously injured if they swerve to avoid or if their front tyre becomes lodged. A recent example of this is when a cyclist suffered serious head injuries after hitting a pothole at speed and was dismounted.

The man was cycling on an industrial estate at around 6.30 pm when his tyre hit the pothole. Unfortunately he was not wearing a cycle helmet at the time and was knocked unconscious.
Emergency services responded promptly to the call and sent two emergency doctors, two ambulance crews and an Air Ambulance to attend the scene.

An Ambulance Service spokesman said:
“The man, who is in his twenties, fell from his bike after hitting a pothole. He landed on the back of his head.

“He was anaesthetised and his airway was maintained by doctors, he was given pain relief and was immobilised on a scoop stretcher.

“He was then flown to the major trauma centre”.

The responsibility to maintain the road on the industrial estate is not yet known at this stage. It may be the landowner or the Council. If it is an adopted road then the Local Authority has a legal responsibility for it’s maintenance up to a particular standard.


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