Potholes causing driving danger

A pothole in Oxfordshire is forcing drivers to swerve into the middle of the road despite weeks of complaints to get it fixed.

The defect in Bicester Road was reported to highways chiefs on April 5, but the only response so far has been a white line painted around the hole. It comes after the local paper observed seven drivers crossing the middle white line to avoid the defect during a 20 minute period in the rush hour.

On April 9, an update on the council’s website told residents the would be repaired within two weeks but it is still there and getting worse.

A local resident said: “The problem with this particular pothole is that it’s near a pedestrian crossing, some flats and quite close to a primary school, and it’s getting bigger by the day.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. You see cyclists swerving in the road to try to avoid it and sometimes vehicles pull into the middle of the road to get around it.

“I have written to the county council several times and sent them pictures of it, but nothing has been done. You have to pull right out into the middle of the road to avoid it.

“And there are lorries and cars going over it all the time which is breaking it up even more.

“I’d hate to think what would happen if a motorcyclist or cyclist was going down there on a dark night.”

An AA spokesman said: “If a pedestrian or cyclist injures themselves because of this pothole, the council is going to be liable for compensation.

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