Radiographer struck off for incompetence

A radiographer employed at a Colchester hospital has been struck off after he was suspended by the Health and Care Professionals’ Council (HCPC) in June 2013. The Hospital Trust sacked him two months into his probationary period after supervisors’ spotted repeated bad practice.

Supervisors raised serious concerns about his ability to do the job effectively and there were fears that, if left to his own devices, cancer patients would have been put at risk.

Although he claimed to have seven years’ experience at the job and was more than qualified, it was clear he had no more knowledge than a first year medical student. He had been recruited from India via Skype and questions are now being asked about recruitment methods and the quality and validity of medical reference checks.

A spokesman said: “The trust recruited …him after checking with the HCPC he was registered to practice, which he was, and after taking up two clinical references. Like all hospitals, we rely on the HCPC to register radiographers who are fit for practice but in this case, the individual was not.

“As a result of this case we did review our recruitment processes and found they were sufficiently robust as long as those processes are rigidly adhered to.”

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