Road accident between car and tram

A man was injured after the car he was driving collided with a city tram. The car was hit by the tram and was then pushed 3 metres along the track.

Emergency services were called to the accident scene and assessed the driver of the car who was then transported to hospital.

The accident between the car and metro tram occurred just before 4pm but fortunately no one else, including the tram driver and tram passengers, was injured.

An Ambulance Service spokesman, said: “On arrival, crews found a car that had suffered significant damage to the passenger side having been shunted down the tracks.

“Thankfully, the car driver, a man in his 60’s was not seriously hurt. After being assisted from the car by ambulance staff, he was assessed and only found to have some chest pain from his seatbelt. As a precaution, he was taken to …. Hospital for further assessment.

“Ambulance staff also checked on the tram driver and all of the passengers. The driver was understandably shaken, but was discharged at scene. None of the passengers were hurt.”

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