Roofing company fails to plan properly

A roofing company has been successfully prosecuted following a workplace accident which resulted in a young man receiving multiple injuries to his head and torso.

The accident happened when the 23 year old employee was working on a fragile asbestos cement roof which subsequently collapsed underneath him causing him to fall four metres onto the floor. He sustained numerous injuries including a fractured skull, eye socket and wrist, a gash to his leg, cuts to his head and also severe bruising to his back. He had to remain in hospital for 5 days for observation following the blow to the head and to receive treatment for the fractures.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the incident and found that the company had not planned the work properly in order to ensure the correct safety measures were in place. The court heard how the workers were given only scaffold boards to place over the asbestos roof to spread the weight whilst they overlaid the fragile roof with a wooden frame and tarpaulin. The worker fell through the roof after walking across an unprotected area and the HSE found the company guilty of using unsafe techniques for roof repair and reported that there were a number of unsafe areas where employees could have fallen.

The roofing company was found guilty of two breaches of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 as they had not comprehensively assess the risks involved with working at height and they did not provide the proper equipment necessary for such a project for example; platforms, coverings or guard rails and therefore were fined a total of £17,500 and ordered to pay costs of £7,077.

An HSE Inspector said:

“It is vital for those responsible for planning work to ensure they follow the correct precautions when anyone is working at height.

“workers were exposed to unacceptable risks of falling from the roof or through the fragile asbestos sheets for several days. Their failures led to a young man being severely injured but could very easily have resulted in a fatality.

“It is essential that the hazards associated with working at height are recognised and understood by those carrying out the work. You should never work on a fragile roof without a safe system of work.”

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