Salesgirls sexually harassed by boss could get up to £30,000 payout

A publishing company based in London has been involved in an employment tribunal after its Head of Sales Director was accused of sexual harassment by two female staff members.They both claim that the married 53 year old made lewd and sexually suggestive comments to them about their bodies and stared inappropriately at them in the office. An employment tribunal heard that the manager was “fixated” by one of the girl’s breasts and groped the other girl at a works do.

The company claims that the two sales executives concerned, who were sacked after making a complaint, were sacked for poor performance rather than for any other reason.

The employment tribunal ruled that the girls were due to lose their jobs regardless of the sexual harassment claim and it rejected their sex and race discrimination claims. It did, however, partially uphold the claim that the Head of Sales was, “to a degree, fixated or preoccupied” with one claimant’s breasts and acted inappropriately towards the other woman and so their claim was successful and they are set to receive five-figure compensation payouts.

The company Head of Sales spoke to the tribunal panel claiming that a woman with “a good chest” should not wear low-cut tops to work to avoid distracting colleagues.

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