Salon fined for breaching fire safety laws

A high-end salon in London’s West End has been ordered to pay £40,000 in fines and costs after breaching fire safety laws. 

The prosecution of the salon followed a fire in which a member of staff was badly burned when candles in the shop, used to create atmosphere, set her skirt of fire. 

The woman was taken to hospital where it was found that she had sustained third degree burns. 

Fire services were not called to the fire but attended the salon a few days later to conduct a fire safety inspection. 

The salon, which is owned by celebrity hair dresser Daniel Henderson, pleaded guilty to two offences under the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005; Failure to make a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment and failure to provide staff with adequate and regular safety training.

The company was sentenced at Southwalk Crown Court on Tuesday 18th September and was forced to pay £10,000 for the breech of each offence and a further £20,000 in costs. 

A spokesperson from London’s Fire Brigade said:

“Business owners have a clear responsibility under fire safety law to ensure that both the public and their employees are safe from the risk of fire. This verdict sends a clear message that if these responsibilities are ignored we will not hesitate in prosecuting and serious penalties are likely to be imposed.

“People should always be extremely careful when using candles. You should never leave them unattended and keep them well away from any flammable materials.

The company followed up the case with a statement apologising for the incident.

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