Salvage firm fined £30k after worker disfigured in workplace accident

A salvage firm has been fined after being found guilty of breaching Health and Safety in the Workplace rules.  The company under investigation had featured on television programmes but this negative publicity may affect its chances of appearing on any television programmes in the future.

The accident happened when an experienced 29 year old employee was removing a catalytic converter from an exhaust of a vehicle.  The tool he was using, a steel saw, jammed and then rotated in his hands causing the blade to slash his face.

He sustained extensive injuries to his cheek and near to his eye which needed urgent treatment, 40 stitches,  to ensure the eye was protected and the scarring was kept as minimal as possible.  It was an extremely traumatic accident that left a significant scaring to the workers cheek.

The company was investigated by the HSE who presented their findings to a Magistrate Court and it was decided that the salvage company had insufficient risk assessments in place for the work carried out.  Salvage yards can be extremely dangerous places to work with heavy vehicles and heavy machinery used.

The HSE investigators said:

“…… was instructed to work in a manner he knew to be unsafe.

“It seems to be accepted by ………….. that a manager of the scrappers instructed staff, namely ……., to work in an unsafe manner.

“In evidence …….. said the only thing that concerned him was what was going to happen as a result. Regrettably his fears have proven to have been substantial.”

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