Scottish Ambulance Worker to Sue Over Work Accident

An ambulance worker from Scotland is making a compensation claim against his bosses after a work accident left him on crutches for 8 months.

The 57-year-old who has been working for the service for almost 3 decades was helping an elderly patient who had just been saved from cardiac arrest when he injured his ankle.

The ambulance worker was made to carry the patient down an awkward set of stairs and badly hurt his ankle in the process. He began court action after he decided the accident wasn’t his fault and that his bosses should have assessed the situation more carefully.

His lawyers told the courts that the stairway was a “significant obstacle to maneuvering the patient”. A second ambulance was called to the scene following the incident and was equipped with a special chair for the carrying the elderly patient, something which the accident victim said he had never been trained with.

The Ambulance service is currently contesting the case on the grounds that they have been given several different accounts of how the work accident happened.

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