South Yorkshire Police Offer Mobility Scooter Training after Spate of Accidents

Police in South Yorkshire have been prompted to offer out free mobility scooter driving lessons after a spate of accidents. 

The Force said that in the last 5 years there have been 28 accidents across the area with 17 resulting in death or serious injury. 

Police say they are sure that there are a large number that also go unreported. 

They will now work along side local mobility organisation, Parkgate Mobility to offer free training to those using the devices.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said, “The aim of the project is to help South Yorkshire residents with mobility issues to maintain their independence whilst enhancing their own safety and confidence on our roads and other public areas.”

A spokesperson from Parkgate Mobility also told press, “Working with South Yorkshire Police to develop these sessions has provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of mobility scooter safety.”

Dates for the training have yet to be confirmed, but those interested can contact Yorkshire Police for more information.