Study reveals more cyclists being injured by open car doors

Recent figures show that motorists in the UK caused 595 door-related cycling accidents in 2011, up from 413 in 2009, growth of over a quarter in just 2 years.Road safety groups have highlighted the need for drivers to routinely check their mirrors before opening their door in order to avoid cyclists making contact or having to swerve into dangerous situations.

Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP has warned that clashes between road users and cyclists are only going to increase as cycling grows in popularity, “Cycling is very popular. It has come back again. All over the world, and certainly western Europe, it is fashionable again to cycle.

“It is true there are more cyclists but there are people who are not trained enough to look in their mirrors. It is an education challenge, we have got to raise awareness. It is much more likely that there is a quiet cyclist coming past you.”

Of the 595 cyclists involved in accidents in 2011, 92 suffered severe injuries and one bike user was killed. This compares with just 55 cyclists who were seriously injured two years earlier.

17 per cent of people are now commuting to work and the government believes this resurgence is down to a number of factors including the Wiggins/Pendleton effect bike to work schemes and associated health benefits.

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