Supermarket Morrsions Back Farm Accident Safety Campaign

Leading supermarket chain Morrisons is to help run workshops on farm safety to try and help reduce the amount of accidents in the industry.

Workshops on farm safety and farmer wellbeing will be held at various Focus Farm meetings across the country starting in March 2012.

The meetings aim to help the farmers which supply Morrisons to help reduce the chances of farm accidents at their farms.

Jim Paice, who is the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, said: “Our farming industry is the best in the world but the dangers of working within it must be confronted. I’m delighted to see so many organisations signing up to the Campaign for Farmer Safety and would like to add my full support to it.”

Despite only accounting for 1.5% of the country’s workforce farming is thought to account for 20% of fatalities in the work place.

It is thought that around 450 workers have died on farms in the last 10 years with 1700 seriously injured by farm accidents.

Luckily for those that have suffered a farm accident there is the option of seeking the help of a specialist farm accident solicitor to try and claim compensation. If the accident was not your fault there is a good chance that you will have a valid case.