Surgeon removes testicle by accident and then tries to cover up mistake

A surgeon is being investigated by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal after there were claims he botched an operation after removing a testicle following a routine surgery to remove a cyst.

The minor operation was meant to be a straightforward removal of a cyst from the patient’s right testicle and when the patient came round from his anaesthetic it is alleged that his surgeon advised him that his testicle had shrunk as a result of the cyst removal but that its function was normal.

The charges against him from the MPT reads: “It is alleged that he removed Patient A’s entire right testicle, did not attempt to remove Patient A’s right epididymal cyst separately, and intended to cover up the fact that he had removed Patient A’s testicle.

“It is further alleged that during a post-operative consultation with Patient A, ….. failed to inform Patient A that his testicle had been removed during the surgery and advised Patient A that ‘you have a small right testicle but it won’t give you any problems’, or words to that effect.

It continues: “It is alleged that in undertaking the surgery, ……. who grew up in Germany and the UK, operated outside his area of expertise and that his actions were misleading and dishonest.”

The surgeon’s case will be heard next month.

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