Survey claims ‘baby on board’ stickers lead to car accidents

A new survey has claimed that ‘baby on board’ stickers found in the back of cars have led to 1 in 20 motorists having an accident.

The stickers are intended to warn fellow drivers that a baby is in the car and therefore encourage them to drive more safely, but they are now being criticised as a distraction in their own right.

The findings, which were based on a survey by, have led to calls for drivers to use them with discretion.

“Motorists need to ensure that their view is not obscured and that they have a clear view of the road around them at all times,” said a spokesperson from the Department of Transport.

There has now also been a general appeal for drivers to cut clutter in their car for safety reasons.

“‘Baby On Board’ signs are useful in alerting the emergency services that a child may be involved in the event of a crash,” said a spokesperson from the charity Brake.

“This help can become a hindrance if drivers display signs when their child isn’t in the vehicle,” she added.

“Worse still is the danger that can be posed by drivers obscuring their v

Survey claims ‘baby on board’ stickers lead to car accidents

iew by cluttering up windows with lots of signs.”

“Drivers’ priority should always be getting there safely without putting themselves, young passengers or other road users at risk.”

According to the recent poll of 2,000 drivers, 46 per cent of parents displayed the stickers regardless of whether the child was in the car or not.

In addition to this, 15 per cent said they only had they put the stickers in because of their novelty value and 46 per cent regarded them as a hazard.

“The key point to remember is that you are in charge of the car at all times and that your view should not be obscured,” said Robery Gifford, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport safety.

He also said he was cautious about the findings, claiming that many drivers will always try and find something to blame for their own misjudgement.

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