Teenager wins payout after being injured at birth

A 16 year old girl has been awarded compensation after a judge agreed that her shoulder injury and nerve damage was caused by clinical negligence during her birth.

The teenager was left disabled after she became stuck during labour and had a traumatic delivery resulting in permanent nerve damage to her right shoulder.

The birth injury developed into a condition called Erb’s palsy which causes reduced movement, grip and strength in her right arm which affects her from performing everyday functions.

The Court awarded the 16 year old a “significant sum” by the NHS and a judge ruled doctors should have delivered by Caesarean.

Her mother commented: “The problems we suffered at ….. Hospital were awful and we can’t help but feel the injury …… suffered could have easily been avoided.

“I know the hospital had guidelines in place for the management of a delayed labour, but they didn’t apply the individual circumstances to the situation and, had they have done, we wouldn’t have had to go through all this and …… would not have suffered.

“It happened 16 years ago now but this kind of problem still happens today and I think it’s important for medical staff to look at every situation carefully and obtain appropriate guidance as necessary.”

“We now want to put our experience behind us and focus on getting ………the help and support she needs to continue overcoming the challenges she faces.”

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