Toolmaker awarded £450,000 after losing fingers in work accident

A toolmaker has been awarded £450,000 in compensation after he seriously damaged his hand in a work accident.

The worker lost fingers on his left hand in a horrific accident at Renold Chain, an engineering company based in Stockport.

The 52-year-old was moving a heavy tool from the bench with a crane and sling when it slipped from the strapping and came thundering towards him.

The worker deflected the tool but his left hand became caught in the sling and it was crushed against the hook of the crane.

He managed to pull his hand free and was taken to a local hospital and underwent an 18-hour operation, but he lost half his thumb, the tip of his index finger, his middle and ring fingers down to his knuckle and the whole of his little finger.

He decided to take legal action against the company and has now been awarded £450,000 after the firm admitted liability and settled the case.

“People will look at the compensation amount but they don’t realise the tremendous physical pain and, perhaps even more devastating, the psychological anguish that you go through with an injury like this,” said the worker.

His legal representative also added: “This was a serious injury, particularly for a man whose trade depends on his hands. Renold Chain admitted liability and made a reasonable offer to settle the claim quickly, but this was a devastating accident that shouldn’t have happened.”

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