Travel firm leaves family stranded at airport

A well-known travel firm has been lambasted by a family and friends after they cancelled a flight home without leaving any representative to help them find alternative accommodation, flights or transport home.

The group of 11 people including 9 adults and two children had enjoyed a wonderful together and turned up to the airport only to find out their flight was cancelled.

The holiday makers became furious as they claim there was no warning and no representative to advise them of the next flights or to help make overnight accommodation.

The holidays makers were predominantly self-employed and had jobs and contracts to start on their return so every day they spend stuck abroad was not only costing more in terms of lodgings and expenses but also loss of earnings from business contracts.

According to one man, it cost more than £1,500 in taxis, frantic mobile phone calls and extra accommodation. The children also ended up missing school.

He said: “It was shocking. I can’t understand why there was no ………representation in the airport. There was nobody we could talk to.

“My phone bill was £490 and …… who was also on the trip is also facing a hefty bill.

“I am a joiner and lost days of work and I have people working for me who have also lost out. There were three in the group who are in the building trade and are all self-employed who have been affected.

“It was extremely worrying and stressful.

“……. fly millions of people all over the world, making them very much a people company, yet they show no empathy towards their passengers whatsoever.

“In the future, we would be extremely unwilling to fly by ……… we have lost all confidence in the company.”

They are currently seeking compensation for monies spent as a result of the cancelled flight and also reimbursement for loss of earnings.

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