Two and a Half Men start Jon Cryer in Cycling Accident

Two and a Half Men start Jon Cryer was lucky to escape a cycling accident without serious injury at the weekend. 

The actor was taking part in a triathlon at the time of the accident but pulled out in the second challenge when he fell off his bike after speeding down a hill. 

The comedy actor was pictured looking bloodied and bruised following the accident and it has since been revealed that his injuries could have been a lot worse. 

“I have an awesome bike… it’s what the pros use. Unfortunately I am not a pro cyclist… I decided to get super-aggressive as I was going down hill and I got to the bottom… going as fast I could possibly go, the wheel starts wobbling I over-corrected (it) and absolutely just ate it,” he told press.

“I did the wobbling back skid where the bike just flies out from underneath you… I skidded probably like 15 feet on my skin… You know how cyclists wear the leotard that offers zero protection? I used that to break my fall.”

He also said that he was thankful he was wearing a helmet as he thought it saved him from a serious head injury. 

“My helmet took the brunt of it thankfully. I could feel the helmet cracking as my head went back… I could feel the helmet giving way.”

Doctors later confirmed that no lasting damaged had been caused by the accident. 

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