Vandals stop play after scattering 4 inch nails over football pitches

Vandals have halted play in Scotland after scattering 4 inch nails across a club’s football pitches.

The pitches, which are home to Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, were covered in thousands of nails on Monday night, only to be found by children which had come to train on the area the following day.

The incident has already lead to many training sessions and games being cancelled for risk of serious personal injury. Children as young as 6 have had to be told that they are unable to play until a thorough clean up operation has taken place.

Club secretary Phil Hope said: “These are big nails and if they were to go into a youngster it could be a really bad injury.

“We’re encouraging the kids to get involved in the game and get into the tackles but if this went into their leg or hand when they were sliding on the ground it would do a lot of damage.

”Clearly whoever did this hasn’t thought at all about the consequences of spreading these on the park.”

It is believed that the vandals broke in to a yard next to the club to steal the nails, before scattering them over the pitch.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: ”We have had a squad of four picking up the nails by hand today, and have alerted the local club, Carnoustie Youth FC, to the situation.

”We condemn this act of vandalism, which means that the park may be unplayable meantime due to the risk of any remaining nails.”

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