Welder nearly killed after being injured by dangerous equipment

A worker narrowly escaped death after the equipment he was using kicked back whilst cutting a piece of steel. The angle grinder he was using jarred on some steel and flicked back and slashed his throat just missing a major artery.

The accident has left him not only with severe physical injuries to his neck but also with the psychological trauma of such a horrific ordeal.

He said: “I was using the grinder on a large piece of steel and was wearing full protective equipment when the incident happened.

“Initially I was just completely stunned and I quickly grabbed my neck to try and stem the bleeding.

“I’ve been left with a 12-inch scar across my neck and had 17 staples removed from it a couple of weeks after the operation.

“It was an incredibly difficult period of my life”.

The man needed nine weeks off work to recuperate and needed the support of his wife and family to help him do the most basic of tasks such as wash and dress.

His company admitted a breach in their statutory duty to risk assess work duties involving dangerous machinery and need to make staff aware of the dangers.


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