What is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funding is a way of pursuing your Court case whilst limiting the financial risks.  Many people think twice before pursuing legal action due to the perceived high Court costs and lengthy processes involved but litigation funding is one way to help minimise these concerns.

Litigation funding comes in the form of third party investment in your case by another company or individual and can be provided for a wide range of amounts between a minimum of £100,000 and potentially in excess of £10M.   Third Party funding can contribute to the initial upfront costs in order to commence the litigation and by doing so they receive an agreed proportion of the damages should you be successful in your litigation. They can charge a multiple of the investment amount or a percentage of the damages.

If you lose your case then the third party funder also loses their investment so they take on some of the financial risk associated with your case.  If you had the foresight to get After the Event (ATE) insurance then this will also cover any liability to pay opponents’ costs (amount dependent on limit of Indemnity).

At Claimant Law we use our in-house expertise to source the funding market and get you the advice you need to get litigation funding to help pay:
•    Solicitors’ or Counsels’ fees
•    Security for costs orders
•    Court & tribunal fees
•    Expert Witness costs

Remember that litigation funders only profit if your case is successful and they will lose their investment if the claim fails. Call us now at Claimant Law and find out how Litigation funding could help you get your claim moving.