Widow Accepts £200,000 Compensation after Fatal Cycling Accident

A Widow has accepted more than £200,000 in compensation after her husband was killed in a fatal cycling accident on the A1.The Ketton woman agreed to settle the case two weeks before it was due to go in court.

Her husband, who was described as being an experienced cyclist was knocked from his bike while cycling along the southbound carriageway of the A1 in September 2009.

The man suffered two days in intensive care but died of the injuries that he sustained to his abdomen and chest.

The driver of the Lorry, who was a Czech man, was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving but served just 6 of this 16 month sentence.

The widow has since called for lorry drivers to improve their awareness.

In a statement the woman told local press: “This settlement won’t even come close to making up for losing Bas. He was such a big character and a friend to so many people – we miss him every single day.

“Cycling was his passion. He’d been a member of various cycling clubs for 50 years and was incredibly fit for a man of 65.”

The cyclist had retired from his career as a self-employed stonemason and was well known in the area for breeding birds.