Woman devastated after being found pregnant after a sterilisation operation

Whether you are a man or a woman, the decision to be sterilised should not be taken lightly and for one woman who had made the decision, she has found herself in a tragic situation.

Before being sterilised, it is essential that a patient is carefully assessed to ensure they are not pregnant as the procedure can cause severe complications to the foetus and the mother.

Woman are sterilised by having their fallopian tubes blocked but if a woman is pregnant at the time of the procedure then this can have potentially life threatening consequences.   The patient in this case started to feel ill two days after the operation and was vomiting and feeling nauseous.  She suspected morning sickness and a pregnancy test confirmed her fears.

The patient claims that the hospital did not check adequately whether she was pregnant before carrying out the sterilisation procedure.  The hospital has launched an internal investigation to find out how this happened and in the meantime the woman is being assessed in a few weeks to check for complications.

She said,  “They took me down for a scan at the hospital and said I was pregnant. I should have had a test done before I was sterilised.

“When I went back, the nurse said I should have been given a pregnancy test on the day of the procedure.

“They don’t know at this stage if there’s going to be any problems with the baby. I have to go back at 12-weeks to check everything is okay.

“If they had have told me I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have had the operation because it can be dangerous.

“They’ve not spoke to me properly about what happened – and they won’t see me.

“It’s horrible what’s happened, I just can’t believe it.”

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