Woman has to liquidise her food after visit with dentist

A woman was left unable to leave her house after receiving a dental procedure which she did not give consent to. The woman had a bridge in her mouth which she did not want removing permanently as she was unable to wear dentures due to her sensitive gag reflex.

A bridge is a fixed tooth or set of teeth to replace a gap in the mouth and it is made out of metal and porcelain teeth. According to the patient, her dentist removed her bridge without her consent leaving her with dentures as her only option. An option which has now ruined her confidence and leaves her house bound and unable to eat without liquidising her food first.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman have looked into her case and their report has upheld her claim that she was not given full and comprehensive advice prior to the surgery.

The report said: “Mrs G complained that a dentist removed her bridge and remaining rods during a consultation in early 2012, even though she explained that she could not wear dentures because she had a bad gag reflex.

“She said the dentist did not fully explain what he was doing. Mrs G said she has had a few sets of dentures since but she was unable to tolerate them.

“She explained that this was affecting her daily life; she could not eat properly; has had to liquidise her food; and she no longer wants to leave her house.

“We partly upheld this complaint. The decision to remove the bridge was reasonable and there was no viable alternative under NHS dental provision. The dentist made Mrs G aware of this possibility on numerous occasions.

“However, the Practice failed to complete a treatment plan for the bridge removal and therefore did not record Mrs G’s consent for this procedure.”


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