Woman left in excruciating pain after dental work

A woman took drastic action after an abscess became so painful that she burst it to try and relieve the pain.

The woman had recently had two fillings replaced and was in discomfort with an aching jaw and a swollen face. She managed her pain with over-the-counter drugs for a month until she got a referral for an X-ray and was given anti-inflammatories.

Her pain became so intense that she visited her local A&E department who diagnosed her with an abscess and gave her tramadol and sent her home.

She said: “Afterwards it just didn’t feel right. I had pain in my jaw and my face was swollen.

“I got a referral for an X-ray, which took a while, and I was given anti-inflammatories.”

The pain became so intense that when she got home she tried to burst the abscess which caused her to pass out with pain on her bathroom floor.

As a result of the abscess she is still in pain and has lost two teeth.

She said: “I just don’t think it’s acceptable. You hear of so many people that have had to go through this kind of thing in ….. My own dentist is great, I have faith in her, but I think there are issues at other levels. The whole system needs looking at.”

A spokesperson from NHS England said: “Whilst we cannot talk about individual cases, it is regrettable when patients feel they need to take action such as this. We are committed to ensuring patients have access to the best possible dental care and we will be working with the services involved to determine what happened in this case.”

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