Woman left with life changing injuries after road traffic accident

A woman has been left with horrific injuries after a driver, who had taken a cocktail of drink and drugs, smashed into her car. The 36 year old man decided to overtake a line of slow-moving cars along a busy A road at speed and crashed into the side of a young woman’s Ford Ka as she waited to turn right.

Witnesses to the accident estimated that the drivers Mercedes SLK was doing 75mph in the 40mph stretch, although some said his speed was closer to 50-60mph either way the crash investigators found no attempt at braking had been made and the damage to the car and its driver was clear evidence of that.

The injured woman was airlifted to Hospital, where she spent three months including some time in an induced coma, and a further two months in a rehabilitation facility.

The girl suffered a severe head injury, fractured spine and pelvis, and had an artery cut and as a result she now spends most of her time in a wheelchair and can only walk 60 yards with a stick.

She has had to learn to speak again due to the brain injury and her parents are now 24 hour carers as she needs help with day-to-day tasks.

Her passenger in the front seat escaped with minor injuries, as did the driver who smashed into her.

The Court heard that the had been out drinking the night before and was still twice over the limit.  He had also taken prescription tranquillisers for anxiety which should not be taken with alcohol or drive a vehicle.

The judge said: “She has been left with injuries which are literally life-changing. She will be dependent on others for help for the rest of her life.
“The medical consequences have been utterly traumatic. This personal catastrophe has been brought about fully by those moments of madness in your driving.
“I accept you feel considerable remorse.”
“This is frankly as bad a piece of driving in combination one can imagine.”

The girls parents were now having to move house as their home could not be adapted sufficiently to care for their daughter.

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