Woman receives 6 figure pay out after receiving poor dental care

A woman has been devastated and “mortified” after finding out she would be losing a tooth as a result of a chronic infection. The woman claimed that her dentist had mis-diagnosed an infection in two of her teeth and failure to act and provide treatment led to her losing a tooth.

The 35-year-old alleged that she visited her local dentist who carried out a procedure on one of her teeth but not the infected one and, after experiencing pain and bleeding from her tooth, she visited another dentist at her new address who informed her she would have to lose a tooth due to a chronic infection missed by her old dentist.

The woman was shocked and visited a specialist who confirmed the new dentist’s findings.

Although her first dentist denies liability they did settle her claim for £12,000, which will help fund her dental repair.

She said: “I never knew I could experience pain like I felt when my tooth was infected. I was unable to function; it was like it was going to fall out any moment.

“I kept returning to the dentist to see what was happening and when I was told I would have to have my tooth out I was mortified.

“Imagine being a normal, happy, bubbly person who laughs and smiles all the time to suddenly going into myself – I lost all my confidence and felt really embarrassed”.

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