Woman receives payout from holiday firm after contracting salmonella poisoning at luxury hotel

A woman has won her case against a major travel firm after contracting a dangerous strain of food poisoning whilst on holiday in the Dominican Republic. The woman was enjoying a free holiday with her husband which was paid for by her father who was thanking her for her support during his cancer treatment. The luxury holiday quickly turned into a nightmare after the woman started to experience symptoms of food poisoning including stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.

After returning home she was rushed to hospital due to severe dehydration where it was discovered she had contracted a particularly strong form of food poisoning, Salmonella. If left untreated these bacteria can be fatal to young, old or people with diminished immune systems.

Although fully recovered now from her ordeal, she still suffers from ongoing health problems such as painful stomach cramps and muscle pains on her sides and also suffers reoccurring discomfort with her bowel movements.

She said she was “shocked at the conditions at the hotel, as we expected them to be of a high standard as it was supposed to be a luxury resort. We noticed that on occasions that food was being left uncovered for prolonged periods of time and some food was reheated and served with fresh food.

“We sometimes found the restaurant cutlery to be dirty and we noticed on occasions that some of the food served was undercooked. On occasions we also saw birds in the restaurant area”.

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An injury as a result of a day excursion.

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A holiday illness that was caused by poor hygiene or food poisoning.

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