Woman seeks £30,000 in Compensation after Salon Accident

A woman is seeking £30,000 in compensation after she was ‘left speechless’ when her hair fell out and scalp was burned by a salon procedure.

The woman has taken her case to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, claiming that a routine procedure left her almost bald with a burned scalp and an anxiety disorder.

The 24-year-old, who lives on the Scottish border said in her papers to the court that she was hardly able to speak when she left the salon.

“The damage was extensive, with trichonodosis affecting most of her hair. Her hair went on to break and split open, causing the hair to break off,” her legal team stated.

“Her hair came out in clumps. The pursuer was embarrassed about her appearance. As a result of damage to her hair, the pursuer developed an adjustment disorder with anxiety. The pursuer’s mental condition improved after a period of about three months.”

She is now seeking to make a salon accident claim worth £30,000, plus 8% in interest each year.

However, the defending hair dresser insists that the woman would not allow the correct tests to be carried out before the procedure was completed and did not complain at the time.

“She was further advised that the treatment could cause further damage to her hair,” said the hairdresser.

The case is still being settled but the defendant is insisting that they were not to blame.

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