Workers awarded compensation after long-term legal battle

Former employees of Phurnacite have won a long-standing legal battle after a High Court judge ruled that exposure to toxic fumes and dust could have led to lung and respiratory diseases. 

The court has now ruled that lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) could have been caused by exposure to dust and chemicals at the former smokeless fuel coke works in Abercwmboi, Wales. 

Compensation averaging £44,000 has now been handed out to 4 of 8 former workers that took legal action. 

It opens the floodgates for more than 180 further claims to now be launched. 

One of the victims told press: “It’s been a long time fighting this case.

“Today’s result is just marvellous, and will be great news not only for former workers, but also their widows and dependants.

“A lot of the workers never lived to see this day, but at least their wives and children will now be looked after, and that’s so very important.

“We always lived in hope that this day would come and I’m not angry that they haven’t been able to prove in the case of all the illnesses.”

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