Young girl sent home with fractured skull

A mother is furious after her 13 year old daughter’s fractured skull was only diagnosed after a third medical assessment. The injury occurred after the girl fell over in a park and banged her head. She was assessed by a paramedic at the time who advised her to go went home and take pain killers. Shortly after arriving home the girl started to vomit violently and had problems with her eyesight.

Her mother took her to A&E but even with a head ache and vomiting she was not scanned and sent home once more.  Throughout the night the girls conditioned worsened with intense headaches, vomiting and in desperation her mum, more than 12 hours after the fall, took her back to hospital. A third medical assessment (X Ray) finally revealed a fractured skull.

The girl’s mother is understandably angry at why her daughter was not scanned sooner with her symptoms.

She said: “I feel the X-ray should have been the first thing they did when she was first admitted.
“When they later said she’d cracked her skull I just couldn’t believe what was going on, I just broke down.”

After discovering her serious head injury the hospital decided to airlift her to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, where she spent 30 hours under observation. She is now recovering at home, and will remain there as skull fractures usually take around 12 weeks to heal.

A trust spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear of the family’s concern about the care she received..

“The family have been in contact with the trust, and a full investigation will be carried out.

“The family will be fully informed of the outcome and will be given the opportunity to meet trust clinicians to discuss her care.

“We can confirm that …she was treated appropriately by senior staff and in accordance with National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) head injury guidelines.
“….she was transferred to Alder Hey to ensure care could be delivered by the most experienced team managing head injuries. We wish …her a full and speedy recovery.”


Mistakes like these are thankfully very rare but when they do happen they have devastating consequences for the patient and the family as a whole. Compensation is essential in order to provide the lifetime care for the victim which may include household modifications, round the clock medical care and rehabilitation.

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