Young worker loses tips of fingers in workplace accident

A company has pleaded guilty of breaching Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. A 26 year old worker seriously injured his hand after he slipped on an icy floor and instinctively grabbed a moving conveyor drive chain to steady himself.

The accident happened when the worker was clearing up on a job near the freezers. He was working as a contract electrician on the site and slipped and reached out to steady himself. His hand came into contact with a drive chain which had no safety guard and he lost two fingertips to the first joint on two fingers and injuring a third.

The HSE found the man had suffered serious injuries to his hand as a result of the company’s failure to repair freezer doors which caused the floor to be dangerous and also for not ensuring moving machinery had appropriate safety guards in place.

The staff member has now returned to work but was off work for 4 weeks and suffered considerable pain and discomfort following the accident.

The company concerned was fined £8,500 and ordered to pay £794 in costs. An HSE Inspector said:

“Guards and safety systems are there for a reason, and companies have a legal duty of care to ensure they are properly fitted and working effectively at all times.

“Slips and trips are the biggest cause of major injuries in the food and drink industry with 37% of all major accidents in the industry being as a result of slips.”

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